Missional Opportunities

Summer is unofficially here. School is out and thousands of students are thinking about their plans for the summer. What will they do for summer and to prepare for next fall? For the graduates, they are thinking back on all of the events and milestones that lead to their graduation. They too are making plans for summer, but also for the next chapter of life. For at least the past several months, they have been asked numerous times, “What are you going to do after school?”

The question of “what to do” even comes from your pastor. In recent days, you have received a chart of Missional Opportunities that was basically compiled at our Wednesday Night meal in April. The group that evening brainstormed a list of missional opportunities as additional projects that we might want to undertake. Our church has had a missional church emphasis for the past couple of years and through a process led by Glynis LaBarre from ABC Home Mission Societies, we chose to be involved with the Faith Family Hospitality Network. As well, about that time, we had the opportunity to become involved with Dunn Elementary School as its partner church. These two missional opportunities have brought excitement and purpose to our church.

The original goal of the Missional Church initiative was for ideas to come forth and have people gravitate toward them and work on them. Then as projects got underway, more ideas would spring up and others would be interested in them and gravitate toward them. In that spirit, the Missional Opportunities chart was developed and sent to you in late May. This is the next wave of ideas that are coming forth and we would like to make the opportunities available for you to be involved in a project for which you are passionate.

As you study it, you will see the ideas there categorized into six categories, including: Evangelism/Outreach/Hospitality, Education/Dunn Elementary School, Hunger, Homelessness, Parish Nurse/Health, Shepherding. It is my hope that you will see something on the list that you are interested in or a category which sparks your imagination and stirs your spirit. On June 3rd (and likely the weeks that follow), we will be talking about this list in Discussion Time. We will also be meeting in groups according to your interest and sharing your thoughts with the larger group.

At the beginning of my article, I had my “tongue in cheek” as I said that I wanted to ask you what you would do with these missional opportunities. Our ministry as a missional church is more than doing and planning. Rather, it is living out the call of God on our lives and striving to serve our Lord with all of our time, talent and treasure. I look forward to our discussion the next few weeks to see where the Spirit guides us. Remember that June 3rd begins our summer schedule, so worship will be at 9:30 and Discussion Time at 10:30. An All-Church Picnic is scheduled for 11:30 on June 3rd.

— Pastor Bill

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