American Baptist Church strengthens bonds among congregation, community and Christ.

Community of Faith

American Baptist Church is a place where people deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through fellowship with each other and involvement in the wider community.

Caring & Supportive

At American Baptist Church, couples, families with children, singles, students, seniors and all in between find caring comfort and support, while offering the same for others.

Family-like Fellowship

Similar to a family, our intergenerational makeup fosters a sense of belonging through worship and service.


We are a community that encourages a thoughtful pursuit of knowing God and God’s will for us.

Spiritual Journey

We invite you to feel comfortable exploring and searching your understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ and His teachings through study without judgment from each other. We challenge our members to think for themselves.

Growing Together & Accepting of All

We rejoice in our diversity in age, background, theological beliefs, politics, education and many other dimensions. We believe in the freedom of each individual to interpret the Bible for himself/herself. We believe in the separation of church and state, and we affirm the responsibilities that go with all our freedoms.


We strive to give of ourselves as Jesus Christ calls us to do.

Faith in Action

We believe in living our faith through service. To make an impact in our global community, we partner with other churches and agencies locally, nationally and internationally. ¬†We spread the news of God’s love through our service and through missionaries who work to address the needs of people at home and around the world.

Becoming More Like Christ

As a congregation, we strive to become more like Christ at church, at home, at school, and in all areas of life.

American Baptist Church